Honda Odyssey 5 Star Safety Rating

The 2011 Honda Odyssey was recently awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as the top Safety pick, confirming its claim to Honda Odyssey Safety at Honda of Pasadenabe the leader among the vehicles in its class. Something that Honda of Pasadena is proud of, It’s one of our top selling vehicles.
The Odyssey had already earned such reputation and such rating for safety it was also tested by the IIHS for its roof strength. A test which is made as a prerequisite by the IIHS for the Top Safety Picks and the 2011 Honda Odyssey passed it with flying colors.

With Odyssey’s safety features, only the Toyota Sienna comes close, but was only given a three star result. This is something that the maker of the 2011 Honda Odyssey can be proud of after hurdling the new and more stringent safety test and rating system that have been implemented by the IIHS.

Odyssey’s excellent steering and handling performance have out classed all other vehicles in its category which includes other minivans and other large luxury vehicles which also have claimed to have the lowest death toll rates of their drivers.

These vehicles just like the Odyssey have lower centers, making them more balanced in case of emergency maneuvers. But what makes the Odyssey even better is the way it protects not only the driver but the occupant themselves.

And after having been awarded by the IIHS with a five star rank based on its safety features, the 2011 Honda Odyssey is truly a certified top notch car in terms of road safety and worthiness.
Now that is something Honda of Pasadena has been bragging about, a five star rating coming from one of best selling Honda vehicles. But don’t take their word for it; check out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for the ratings.

So when shopping for a safe and reliable vehicle, consider the 2011 Honda Odyssey, where safety and comfort is possible.

Honda Sales Event!

How good would it be if you had a brand new car?

Honda Sales Event at Honda of Pasadena

Honda of Pasadena presents the March sales event! You get the chance to drive home a brand new vehicle for a very affordable price. Among the cars you are going to see on The Really Big Thing Sale’s Event are The Accord Sedan of 2011, the newest 2011 CR-V, and the 2011 Odyssey among many other Honda cars, vans and SUVs.

2011 Accord Sedan

With a bigger bulk than the previous Accord, you get to find today’s 2011 Accord model the bigger and better version of the all time favorite sedan. The Accord either comes in LX or EX-L models with LX as the entry level sedan.

$0 due lease at signing and pay $0 on the first months, and $250 for the next 35 months, how good of a deal is that?

2011 CR-V

With the sedan handling, and the mid sized SUV design, the CR-V crazed by car enthusiasts all over the world is now back, and it is back with big bang!

With 180 horsepower powered by a 2.4 liter inline four cylinder engine, you will get the best ride for your own family. With optional 4 wheel drive, you could either go from smooth to rough environment with ease. The typical CR-V plus its newest features and added thrills, you get the best deal you could ever have!

Pay $0 for due lease at signing, $0 for the first months, and just $270 for the next 35 months and this baby is yours to keep!

2011 Odyssey

The Odyssey has been one of the most popular choices among minivan buyers in the past decade. But with improved fuel economy, and better space than the previous models, the Honda Odyssey returns as one of the very best choice among different mini vans. With a V6 engine that generates to as much as 248 horsepower, you get to expect a six speed, fuel efficient van in your hands. The 2011 model is also known for its quieter engine compared to its predecessors.

This van is yours by paying $0 for due lease signing, $0 for the first months and only $380 for 35 months.

Honda of Pasadena located at 1965 E. Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena.