Honda Memorial Day Tent Sale in Pasadena!

This Memorial Day weekend trade your keys for the keys of a brand new Honda from Honda of Pasadena.  It’s our big Memorial Day tent sale, be sure to join us Sunday and Monday from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. for free barbecue and refreshments.Honda Tent Sale at HOnda of Pasadena

Right now because of current market conditions Honda of Pasadena has a huge need for quality used vehicles.  With such high demand for pre-owned cars, trucks, minivans, crossovers and SUVs your trade-in has never been worth more.  Honda is offering great incentives on leases and purchases of new and certified pre-owned Honda vehicles.  Honda of Pasadena wants to trade keys with you so you can drive a brand-new car this weekend.  With a great selection of new Honda vehicles we invite you to enjoy some free barbecue and kick a few tires here at Honda of Pasadena.

Memorial Day is a time to remember the fallen heroes that have paid the ultimate price for serving our country.  Because this great holiday brings together families and friends we invite you to become part of the Honda of Pasadena family. Stop by and join us for some free food and refreshments on Sunday and Monday.  Even if you’re not looking for a new car right now, we still would love to meet you.  It’s always been our goal to be known as the friendly neighborhood Honda professionals.  So come on and experience a tent sale like never before and let’s trade keys!

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Honda Hybrids, the Wave of the Future

Hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular as gas prices steadily increase and the negative effects of pollution are being felt around the globe.
Honda Motor Corporation has a diverse line of hybrid cars that offer the dependability of Honda with the versatility and environmentally conscious design of a hybrid.
The Civic Sedan Hybrid is the flagship vehicle of the Honda hybrids rated at approximately 44 MPG on the highway and features a state of theHonda Civic Hybrid from Honda of Pasadena art safety system to keep all passengers as safe as possible. This hybrid system offers “Eco Assist” which allows the driver to monitor and boost efficiency. At the push of a button, the “ECON” switch forces the engine to run as efficiently as possible which automatically increases mileage.
Honda Insight Hybrid from Honda of PasadenaThe Honda Insight has one of the lowest base prices for a hybrid but continues to have a number of the same features as the other Honda hybrids such as Eco Assist and an ECON button. The Eco Assist includes a beautiful Multi-Informational Display that illustrates current consumption and provides the operator with all the information necessary while driving. The Insight has a distinguishable exterior design and a very spacious interior capacity for its size and provides everything expected in a Honda.
One of the most unique Honda hybrids is the CR-Z Sport which offers theHonda CR-Z Hybrid from Honda of Pasadena look and feel of a sports coupe without an increased fuel consumption. This vehicle is the first of its class to provide a 6-speed transmission and a unique 3-mode driving system which allows the user to choose between “sport”, “normal” and “ECON,” each of which differently effects how the CR-Z performs. This feature expands the versatility of the vehicle by allowing one to either harness the full range of performance or operate in a more fuel-conserving fashion. With this model it is no longer necessary to choose between power and fuel efficiency because the CR-Z Hybrid provides both.
If more information or a test drive is desired, Honda of Pasadena has all of these hybrid cars available, so stop by to take a closer look at these progressive and environmentally friendly vehicles.

Honda Ridgeline’s Suberb Towning Capabilities

If you are a person who frequently tows, whether on a serious off-road travels or on a friendlier road and always experiences towing problems, well maybe you haven’t heard about the Honda Ridgeline’s Towing capabilities. More Take a little time to read this short information and perhaps a minute later you’ll come to a brilliant decision.

First, Honda Ridgeline is not a heavy duty truck. But as a pickup truck, it provides you the comfort of an SUV and  powerful towing strength of up to 5,000 pounds (2,268kg). The latest 2011 model is built with maximum performance in towing capacity. Its powerful V-6 engine with 250 horsepower contributes to its higher towing strength but maintains its economical fuel consumptions. And the integrated closed box frame construction gives it more extraordinary torsional rigidity that adds to its towing capacity by increasing the strength of its body. Not only that, Ridgeline has a 4-wheel-drive system, making it more powerful than ever in performing towing and hauling. All models RTS, RTL and RT, come with an integrated Class III trailer hitch. Also a standard high-capacity radiator with dual 160-watt fans, a heavy-duty power-steering fluid cooler, a high-capacity ATF cooler, and a trailer harness on the RTS and RTL, (RT is pre-wired for a trailer harness).  Large break rotors at all four wheels and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) assures quick and deliberate stops when it’s most needed. And with these features, Honda Ridgeline totally lets you to carry heavier loads even on rough terrains comfortably.

As drivers we want a vehicle that could do almost everything, in fact if only there is a Supercar then we definitely would have it, but too bad because there’s obviously none. Well, in the Pick Up trucks categories, it is safe to say that Honda Ridgeline is pretty much the best there is in towing performances, with a surprising build that’s not only designed for serious and mild off-road conditions, but does great hauling capacities, amazing towing strength, a 3.5-liter V6 engine that’s smooth, quiet and responsive. With reinforced safety levels of body- build. Honda’s 2011 Ridgeline delivers another high performance, great handling, agile and steady ride for everyone. More information about Honda Ridgeline from Honda of Pasadena please visit our site,