Honda Pasadena: Using Your Car Lease Payments as a Tax Deduction

You can use your car lease payments as a tax deduction through some very wise uses of your mileage calculations and payments. You should be keeping track of your car payments and the miles that you drive so that you will be able to figure out what portion of your car lease is going to business purposes. When you lease a car from Honda of Pasadena, you can get a car lease that will allow you to get a tax deduction and a great car at the same time.

When you lease at Honda of Pasadena, you will be getting the chance to have a car lease that will allow you to make some money back from the government on your tax return.

You should calculate the percentage of miles that you drive for business and take that percentage and subtract that from your car lease payment. The tax deduction depends on how much of your payment, the percentage, that goes to your work driving.

Contact Honda of Pasadena for more information on leasing a new Honda for your business and get a tax deduction. Honda is always offering great lease rates so you can have a low payment too!

Honda Earth Dreams Technology Coming to Honda of Pasadena

Honda Earth Dreams Technology

Honda recently announced its new Earth Dreams Technology. The Earth Dreams Technology is next generation technology from Honda that’s designed to enhance both the driving experience and fuel efficiency offered on different vehicle models. As Honda rolls out this environmentally conscious technology, Honda Pasadena will bring it to our local community.

One key feature of the Earth Dreams Technology is the improved VTEC technology used in its gasoline engines. Right now its only available in the N Box mini vehicle. You’ll eventually be able to find it at Honda Pasadena in engine classes from 660 cc up to 3.5 liters.

Another important part of this program is the development of a two-motor hybrid system that can deliver top of the line fuel efficiency. This new Honda EV Fittechnology uses a special lithium-ion battery and has been optimized for three different driving modes. An EV driving mode kicks in while driving in urban environments, while the hybrid driving mode accesses the electricity produced by the motor. An engine-connected driving mode mechanically connects the engine and tires to improve high speed cruising.

There is also a new hybrid system, the electric SH-AWD, for use in heavy weight vehicles. This hybrid system combines with a 3.5L, V6 engine to offer the acceleration of a V8 engine, while achieving a fuel efficiency similar to in-line 4 cylinder engines. Honda also improved the handling of such vehicles by installing two independent motors in the rear that leverage the new bilateral torque adjustable control system.

The other notable features of the Earth Dreams Technology will also be available at Honda Pasadena. These include a new compact diesel engine that mixes elite acceleration with fuel efficiency, three new CVT structures for mini, compact and mid-size cars, and high efficiency, compact electric powertrain for EVs.

Honda has developed the Earth Dreams Technology suite to continue its role as a vehicle manufacturer that takes protecting the environment seriously while also making sure to produce vehicles that live up to the joy of driving. Honda of Pasadena can keep you posted as these vehicles roll out, so “Like” us on Facebook to stay current.