The Honda Heritage Center Offers a Look into the Past and Future of the Auto Maker

The doors of the Marysville Honda Heritage Center is officially open and now the world can explore the innovation and history of this well-known car maker, as well as how the company has reached the success it has over the previous five decades.

The Honda Heritage Center represents a collection of dreams from Honda in the form of the various products that are the reason behind the millions of customer relationships that have been built. There are a number of different products available for visitors to see, from automobiles and powersports to robotics and power equipment. All this is displayed in a manner that highlights the major milestones in the brand’s history and tells the stories that built Honda in North America.

The museum, which is 160,000 total square feet and that cost $35 million, includes the museum, office space that is designed for workers of Honda North America and the Technical Development Center.

This museum was built to pay tribute to the unique tradition of the Honda brand and it highlights the products, as well as the significant milestones that were present in the history of Honda.

The Technical Development Center that is located at the Honda facility, is designed for helping to advance the skills and the knowledge of the Honda engineers, production associates and equipment service techs who are involved in the process of making Honda vehicles. This center is designed to ensure that everyone in the Honda family is ready for the 21st century, when the success of the brand is going to be based on the use of advanced technology and the interaction among associates.

There is no question that the Honda brand is one that is known around the globe, including in Pasadena. While you can visit the Honda Heritage Center for a history of the brand, you can also visit Honda of Pasadena to get a glimpse of what is available for you to drive home in right now.


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