Return of the Honda F1 made with the McLaren MP4-30

The McLaren Formula One team has drastically decreased in regard to performance in the past few seasons. This team, having a dozen Drivers’ Championships, 182 victories at the grand prix and eight Constructors’ Titles, has not won even one race since 2012. However, there is a new era starting and the MP4-30 is leading the way.

After a 23 year break, McLaren has made the decision to bring back Honda into the works this season and is going to be the only team that is running the RA615H hybrid unit. Both parties are hoping that this newly rekindled partnership will take them back to the Eighties when consecutive wins were the norm.

The McLaren-Honda MP4-30 is a completely redefined vehicle and features a Honda RA615H hybrid power unit, featuring an all new color scheme that contextualizes the McLaren brand for the 21st century.

The MP4-30 is designed to provide the most practical and effective base packages with a foundation that offers a number of new developments in terms of engineering and aerodynamics. The car features an elegant design that offers a refined nose-box solution, a slim rear-end package – especially near the gearbox – and an integrated new power unit under the great looking bodywork.

In the hands of Jenson Button, the MP4-30 powered Honda was clocked at a pace that was just seven seconds off of the Ferrari’s pace. However, this still was not at full power.

There are still plans in the work to ensure that the car is ready for the season. However, the hope between each of the parties is that this will be a winning season with a vehicle that has not been on the track for over 23 years with the McLaren team.


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