Return of the Honda F1 made with the McLaren MP4-30

The McLaren Formula One team has drastically decreased in regard to performance in the past few seasons. This team, having a dozen Drivers’ Championships, 182 victories at the grand prix and eight Constructors’ Titles, has not won even one race since 2012. However, there is a new era starting and the MP4-30 is leading the way.

After a 23 year break, McLaren has made the decision to bring back Honda into the works this season and is going to be the only team that is running the RA615H hybrid unit. Both parties are hoping that this newly rekindled partnership will take them back to the Eighties when consecutive wins were the norm.

The McLaren-Honda MP4-30 is a completely redefined vehicle and features a Honda RA615H hybrid power unit, featuring an all new color scheme that contextualizes the McLaren brand for the 21st century.

The MP4-30 is designed to provide the most practical and effective base packages with a foundation that offers a number of new developments in terms of engineering and aerodynamics. The car features an elegant design that offers a refined nose-box solution, a slim rear-end package – especially near the gearbox – and an integrated new power unit under the great looking bodywork.

In the hands of Jenson Button, the MP4-30 powered Honda was clocked at a pace that was just seven seconds off of the Ferrari’s pace. However, this still was not at full power.

There are still plans in the work to ensure that the car is ready for the season. However, the hope between each of the parties is that this will be a winning season with a vehicle that has not been on the track for over 23 years with the McLaren team.


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The Honda Heritage Center Offers a Look into the Past and Future of the Auto Maker

The doors of the Marysville Honda Heritage Center is officially open and now the world can explore the innovation and history of this well-known car maker, as well as how the company has reached the success it has over the previous five decades.

The Honda Heritage Center represents a collection of dreams from Honda in the form of the various products that are the reason behind the millions of customer relationships that have been built. There are a number of different products available for visitors to see, from automobiles and powersports to robotics and power equipment. All this is displayed in a manner that highlights the major milestones in the brand’s history and tells the stories that built Honda in North America.

The museum, which is 160,000 total square feet and that cost $35 million, includes the museum, office space that is designed for workers of Honda North America and the Technical Development Center.

This museum was built to pay tribute to the unique tradition of the Honda brand and it highlights the products, as well as the significant milestones that were present in the history of Honda.

The Technical Development Center that is located at the Honda facility, is designed for helping to advance the skills and the knowledge of the Honda engineers, production associates and equipment service techs who are involved in the process of making Honda vehicles. This center is designed to ensure that everyone in the Honda family is ready for the 21st century, when the success of the brand is going to be based on the use of advanced technology and the interaction among associates.

There is no question that the Honda brand is one that is known around the globe, including in Pasadena. While you can visit the Honda Heritage Center for a history of the brand, you can also visit Honda of Pasadena to get a glimpse of what is available for you to drive home in right now.


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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Names Pre-Owned Honda Vehicles as Safer Option for Teenage Drivers

Used Cars Pasadena at Honda of PasadenaIn addition to offering some of the top rated new vehicles, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has named Honda Vehicles as one of the safer options for new, teen drivers.

IIHS has discovered that vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death among teens, and has suggested that the type of automobile they are driving has a huge effect on the level of risk they are exposed to. Additionally, the research conducted by IIHS has shown that a number of teens are driving used vehicles that do not have important safety technology, which is why they create a list to help parents make safer choices for their teen drivers.

Pre-owned vehicles from Honda have earned recognition from the IIHS, as the safest and best choices for teenage drivers – all for an affordable price. The vehicles that received this rating included the Honda Odyssey (2011 models and after), Element (2007 models and after), CR-V (2012 models and after), Accord Coupe (the 2013 and 2014 models) and the Accord Sedan (2012 and after).

The Honda brand is dedicated to the safety of their customers, as well as the quality of the products that they offer for sale. The long-term commitment of the brand has helped to enhance durability and safety of the Honda vehicles, making them an ideal choice for finding safe and reliable transportation, no matter if the vehicle is pre-owned or new, for every driver, which includes teens.

For additional peace of mind, any customer who selects a Certified Pre-Owned Honda vehicle will be given an extensive warranty. According to recent statistics, the Honda brand is considered one of the longest lasting and most durable brands available in its class.

Some of the features of the vehicles that were named as safe for teens, included the following:

  • Superior side crash protection
  • Top rated head restraints

Each of the Honda vehicles that are included in the list are also equipped with the Vehicle Stability Assist, that features traction control and they also offer sufficient protection in the crash tests.

If you are worried about your teen driver, then visiting Honda of Pasadena is a must. They offer a huge selection of the top rated used vehicles, which will help give you peace of mind that your teen is safe while on the roads. Visit today and experience what great customer service truly is.

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Honda Named Best Family Cars for 2013

The world renowned automaker visionaries of the Honda Civic,  Accord and CR-V have all the reasons to celebrate and sing their own praises after all three vehicles were named to the 10 Best Family Car list by professionals of Parents Magazine and Honda of Pasadena is happy to have all 3 ready for you to test drive.
The 3 family responsive Honda vehicles were selected from hundreds of other brands for outclassing in the crucial subject of safety, fuel effectiveness, technical features and connectivity. In actual fact, civic and CR-V secured division mark of distinction for the 2nd year, one after the other, proven to provide preeminent features.

2013 Honda Accord Coupe PasadenaMany Pasadena families prefer these models as established by the notable consumer satisfaction from Honda of Pasadena at every step of the car shopping process. For instance the Civic, Accord and CR-V are all leading their identifiable divisions in retail sales as Honda focuses on marketing high value vehicles to an individual, or family units, over and over again.The Honda Accord was identified as one of the leading cars for families by Parents magazine and

2013 Honda Civic Safety Pasadena

The Accord features stylish and fashionable design, fuel effectiveness and existing technical features like the LaneWatch blind spot feature. The Civic has been receiving remarkable reviews for 2013 and it swanks chic features like the rearview camera, Bluetooth, web based radio connection, short message service communication steering wheel controls and safety. The CR-V continues to 2013-Honda-CR-Vbe the perfect choice for the 2nd year for larger families that want a crossover with a top safety rating.  The Honda Civic, Accord and CR-V are all without a doubt demonstrated family cars for the year 2013 and found at Honda of Pasadena.

They have secured key industrial safety marks, having been ranked as the top safety picks by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and marked by a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 5 star general automobile rating.

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Buy or Lease Your Honda from Home

We help make shopping for a Honda super simple! If you’re thinking of purchasing a new Honda vehicle in Southern California but would like to know what kind of payments, financing or special incentives are available to you, we invite you to visit our website. Honda of Pasadena services all of Southern California; we have Honda buyers visit our showroom from Los Angeles, Glendale, Santa Clarita, Bakersfield, Alhambra and even Orange County.Honda of Pasadena Online Car Shopping

Most car buyers today turn to the Internet to do their research. We understand this, and this is why we make sure our website always has the latest information about the Honda vehicles that are most desired in Southern California. With so much information in one place Honda of Pasadena can provide you with details on pricing, monthly payments for purchasing and leasing a new Honda vehicle. Los Angeles Honda buyers can avoid driving from dealership to dealership looking for the right payments on the Honda vehicle they desire.

Did you know you could completely purchase or lease your vehicle over the Internet through Honda of Pasadena’s website? We have made every effort to provide you all the details and information along with financing on our website that you need to not only secure a great deal on a new Honda, but also provide you with all contact information to work with one of our extremely educated helpful Honda team members.

Honda Pasadena will also deliver your vehicle to your front door. Once you make your decision and arrange all the financing through our website, one of our helpful Honda professionals can deliver your new Honda vehicle right to your front door. So if you’re thinking of purchasing or leasing a new Honda vehicle we encourage you to visit our website where we have taken the time to make sure all of your questions can get answered right from the comfort of your home.

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Glendale California Honda Selection

Honda Dealer for Glendale Honda Shoppers

When shopping for a Honda in Southern California selection is a major factor in the decision of what dealership to visit. If you’re in Glendale California and are looking for a large selection of the latest Honda models with the most desirable trim packages your search is over.Honda Sign for Glendale Honda Buyers


Honda of Pasadena offers one of the largest selections of new, certified and used Honda inventories in the Glendale and Pasadena area. When shopping for a Honda vehicle we invite you to stop into our beautiful showroom or contact us over the Internet or by phone. One of our helpful Honda professionals will be happy to work with you and provide you with all the information you’re looking for about a particular Honda model.


Glendale Honda shoppers have a choice, when considering a Honda vehicle we are always ready to provide you with outstanding customer service, excellent financing and the payments you’re looking for. Glendale California is only 16 minutes away from our Honda dealership, if you’re looking for the best deals along with a helpful staff we invite you to stop in for the best car dealership experience you’ll ever have.


From Glendale just take the 134 E. to the 210 freeway, exit Hill Avenue then make the right on Linda Rose Avenue and finally turn right onto E. Foothill Blvd. you can’t miss it, you’ll see our big Honda sign out in front. We look forward to helping you drive a brand-new Honda back to Glendale.

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Honda Earth Dreams Technology Coming to Honda of Pasadena

Honda Earth Dreams Technology

Honda recently announced its new Earth Dreams Technology. The Earth Dreams Technology is next generation technology from Honda that’s designed to enhance both the driving experience and fuel efficiency offered on different vehicle models. As Honda rolls out this environmentally conscious technology, Honda Pasadena will bring it to our local community.

One key feature of the Earth Dreams Technology is the improved VTEC technology used in its gasoline engines. Right now its only available in the N Box mini vehicle. You’ll eventually be able to find it at Honda Pasadena in engine classes from 660 cc up to 3.5 liters.

Another important part of this program is the development of a two-motor hybrid system that can deliver top of the line fuel efficiency. This new Honda EV Fittechnology uses a special lithium-ion battery and has been optimized for three different driving modes. An EV driving mode kicks in while driving in urban environments, while the hybrid driving mode accesses the electricity produced by the motor. An engine-connected driving mode mechanically connects the engine and tires to improve high speed cruising.

There is also a new hybrid system, the electric SH-AWD, for use in heavy weight vehicles. This hybrid system combines with a 3.5L, V6 engine to offer the acceleration of a V8 engine, while achieving a fuel efficiency similar to in-line 4 cylinder engines. Honda also improved the handling of such vehicles by installing two independent motors in the rear that leverage the new bilateral torque adjustable control system.

The other notable features of the Earth Dreams Technology will also be available at Honda Pasadena. These include a new compact diesel engine that mixes elite acceleration with fuel efficiency, three new CVT structures for mini, compact and mid-size cars, and high efficiency, compact electric powertrain for EVs.

Honda has developed the Earth Dreams Technology suite to continue its role as a vehicle manufacturer that takes protecting the environment seriously while also making sure to produce vehicles that live up to the joy of driving. Honda of Pasadena can keep you posted as these vehicles roll out, so “Like” us on Facebook to stay current.

Honda of Pasadena Official Honda Dealership for the Tournament of Roses Parade

Once again the Tournament of Roses Parade will be taking over the streets of Pasadena this January 2, 2012. The 123rd Rose Parade themed “Just Imagine” is presented by Honda. And once again this year Honda of Pasadena will be assisting with the preparation of all the Honda vehicles provided to the Tournament of Roses Parade.Rose Parade Honda

Honda of Pasadena plays a major role in preparing all the vehicles that Honda provides for the Rose Parade. From specific detailing to applying all emblems and Rose Parade logos that makes Honda the official vehicle of the Rose Parade in Pasadena. Honda of Pasadena personnel and technicians will be working throughout the night and into the early morning of January 2 preparing all of vehicles so they look their best on national television for the world to see.

Honda of Pasadena has been the official Honda prep location for the last two years for all the vehicles used in the parade. Because of their factory trained service technicians and service advisors Honda of Pasadena is the perfect place for not only the parades vehicles but also for your Honda vehicle as well. With a service center that stays open late into the evening making it easy for you to stop in after work for a quick oil change or to drop your car off for scheduled maintenance or a repair. Our technicians work through the night and in most cases have your vehicle completed and ready for pickup by morning. Customers can drop their vehicle off after work and pick it back up first thing in the morning. And with the use of our free local shuttle service we can take you home so you can be with your family without having to worry about scheduling a ride home.

The official Honda dealership for the Tournament of Roses Parade Honda vehicles is Honda of Pasadena, we invite you to stop in and experience excellence in customer service along with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We’re proud to be part of the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade right here in our hometown of Pasadena.