Honda Pasadena: Using Your Car Lease Payments as a Tax Deduction

You can use your car lease payments as a tax deduction through some very wise uses of your mileage calculations and payments. You should be keeping track of your car payments and the miles that you drive so that you will be able to figure out what portion of your car lease is going to business purposes. When you lease a car from Honda of Pasadena, you can get a car lease that will allow you to get a tax deduction and a great car at the same time.

When you lease at Honda of Pasadena, you will be getting the chance to have a car lease that will allow you to make some money back from the government on your tax return.

You should calculate the percentage of miles that you drive for business and take that percentage and subtract that from your car lease payment. The tax deduction depends on how much of your payment, the percentage, that goes to your work driving.

Contact Honda of Pasadena for more information on leasing a new Honda for your business and get a tax deduction. Honda is always offering great lease rates so you can have a low payment too!