Honda Pasadena: Removing Dead Bugs from Your Vehicle

Removing Dead Bugs from Your Vehicle

If you have driven your car on a beautiful day, you will have dead bugs stuck to your car. They may be embedded on the windshield, the hood and the grill of the vehicle. Some of these nasty insects contain acidic compounds that get into the paint of the car and ruin it. These bugs are not only difficult to remove, but they can also stain the paint job of a vehicle. If you try to get the bugs off on your own, it can cause paint chipping.Removing Bugs from Your Car

People often attempt to go to the car wash and try a super soak car wash, spending a lot of money on a car wash to eliminate the dead bugs. However, a person can drive away disgusted because there are still bits and pieces of bug guts still stuck to the vehicle. This calls for some other attempt of getting rid of the dead bugs.

Sometimes people will choose a chemical to get rid of those pesky buggers because trying to scrape them off spells disaster for the paint job. One trick of getting the job complete is to soak the bugs down using WD-40 which can be found in the hardware department of several stores. All a person has to do is take the chemical spray, let the dead bug soak in it for a little bit and then take a clean cloth to get it off.

One way to get the stubborn bug leftovers off is to try to smudge a steel wool scouring pad on it but this is only recommended for the windshield. If this method is tried on paint, it will really destroy the paint.  Some people swear that using Coca-Cola will help dissolve the bug residue which will then make it easier to scrub off with a soap and water.


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